Candidates are given the privilege to present their artistic skills & aesthetic awareness.

Step 1: Excel TECC 10TH GRADE PRESENTATIONS  (Oct – Nov)

The Excel TECC representative will visit each school in the consortium to introduce the various programs to 10th grade students. Interested students must pre-register to see 2 presentations on Opportunity Day at Mayfield High School.

Your high school will announce the specific date/time of the Excel TECC school visit.

Step 2: OPPORTUNITY DAY  (Thursday, December 5)

For students that have signed up, you’ll take a field trip to Mayfield High School with your sophomore classmates to see curriculum presentations for your 2 selected programs. Presentations will also be presented during the evening for parents.

On Tuesday, December 10 at 6:30 PM, our On-Site Presentation is scheduled at Orange High School. Enter through Gail Allison Drive. Parents & students can meet the SAD instructor and see the equipment/space of the studio curriculum.

Step 3: INTERVIEW DAY  (January 16)

A field trip from your school to Mayfield High School will be arranged to your interview with a SAD instructor. The following materials for Studio Art & Design must be completed prior to your interview:

Portfolio (6) pieces of Art
Recommendation Letter

Step 4: STUDIO ASSESSMENT  (January 17-24)

In our program assessment, the student candidate demonstrates their studio abilities and creative aptitude measuring drawing skills, perceived knowledge, comparative study, and personal reflection. We do this because many art colleges have entrance requirements that assess a candidate’s studio skills, portfolio specifications and or testing prior to acceptance.

Our review of these criteria allow us to consider if the candidate fulfills the necessary approach and skill level to achieve success in the program.

Materials must be given to the Excel TECC counselor at the candidate’s home school by January 24.

Step 5: NOTIFICATION MAILING  (February 13)

During the first few days of February, you’ll get a written or emailed communication from Excel TECC of your status in the SAD program.

If you are selected for admission at SAD, you must reply to accept & confirm your enrollment.

Step 6: CONFIRMATION DEADLINE  (February 28)

Please follow the instructions in your Notification.
Return the confirmation form no later than February 28.

We look forward to helping you become college and career ready, and to converting your effort into a life-long commitment to your artistic talents.